NSTA School Partner Program

Give your school’s science instruction the advantage of a powerful national network.

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Do you need support in identifying teachers' science learning needs and planning the appropriate professional learning?

Bringing STEM to the Elementary Classroom

After an initial conversation with an NSTA expert, who will help determine which products and services best support your specific schoolwide professional learning goals, you will be empowered to help your teachers make the most of this partnership.

Your teachers also gain from yearlong access to online mentors through our virtual Learning Center.

Do you want your staff to share with and learn from other teachers?

National Conference and STEM Forum

One teacher on your staff receives registration to any NSTA conference.

Private forums and list servs

ALL of your teachers can engage with fellow colleagues throughout the country via topic-specific private forums and list servs.

STEM and 3D Learning Resources

ALL teachers can access collection of resources—differentiated by topic and grades—on key themes such as STEM and three-dimensional instruction.

Virtual Conferences

NSTA invites ALL teachers to participate in three virtual conferences per year, exploring critical topics around STEM and standards integration.

Is your staff looking for high-quality science teaching resources?

Give them over 8,000 online teacher-tested, vetted resources and materials.

  • Journals
    Access articles from any of NSTA’s three K-12 journals
  • NSTA Reports
    NSTA Reports, a monthly newspaper, keeps teachers up-to-date with the latest news and trends in science education.
  • Books
    All teachers receive a 20% discount on NSTA printed and digital books.
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Parents and other community stakeholders will appreciate your dedication to quality science instruction for all students when they see the NSTA Partner School certificate on your website or hanging in the school office.

How much are you saving?

At the introductory price of $1,950, the NSTA School Partnership Program provides the greatest access and offers the best value for a school building, compared to standard NSTA membership.
  • Virtual Conferences

    3/year x 20 teachers x $63/vc/teacher

  • Membership

    $80/year x 20 teachers

  • National Conference Registration

  • Concierge Introductory Web Conferencing

  • Total Value: $6,230

Intro price: $1,950 per school
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